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Have you or a loved one experienced a personal injury strictly because of a tangible product? No matter the injury occured, call us now to get your FREE initial consultation for your slip and fall / product liability case.

Product liability lawyer | Lubbock, TX | Baynetta M. Jordan, P.C. | 806-763-3661

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Baynetta M. Jordan PC assists clients throughout Lubbock, TX and the surrounding area with legal representation for victims of slip and falls. Manufacturers can be held liable for injuries that are caused as a result of a defective product. Manufacturers have a legal obligation to provide consumers with safe products. Products are considered defective if they contain a manufacturing flaw, a design defect, or an inadequate warning. These laws are in place to protect the well being of the consumer, so call us if you feel you may be a victim whose injuries are the result of a defective product, our team of experienced attorneys will assist you in determining if legal action is the proper course of action in your case.

  • Manufacturing defect
  • Design defect
  • Failure to warn

If you have been injured on someone else's property or at a business, they may be liable for your damages. Owners are liable if they have not maintained a safe environment for guests and customers, or failure to warn of dangerous conditions. Call us today if you believe the injury you suffered on someone's property was due to their negligence. 

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We offer comprehensive assistance to consumers to insure that these rights are protected. If litigation is required, we have the legal experience to take your case all the way through to its conclusion to ensure that your rights are defended.

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